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If you are here you are probably looking for more traffic to your website, more clicks and more business.  SEO or search engine optimization, is one of the best and most effective ways to make this happen. 

Biz4Web Digital specialises in search engine optimization and small business SEO services.

Our mission is to help you drive traffic to your site month after month in a cost effective, Google friendly and very simple way.

Are you a small business with a lovely website but are still not getting the traffic you hoped you would see when you launched online?  

Maybe you have read articles, gone on courses, tried all sorts of things but still nothing has changed or there has not been any real progress. 


Does that sound familiar?

Well it’s not your fault.  SEO and traffic generation generally are very often shrouded in mystery and jargon and it can all be a bit confusing!

There was a fabulous line at a local networking event we attended once, where a guy stood up and said he did not ‘mystify for margin’. Unfortunately this can happen in search engine marketing services which is why:


We don’t ‘mystify for margin’ either!

…. and we keep our prices very very affordable but not at the cost of getting great results or damaging your website’s reputation with Google.  You have no doubt heard scary stories about how the wrong type of SEO can damage your site’s rankings.  We are 100% ‘white hat’ and have NEVER had any of our client’s sites blacklisted or penalised by Google.  So if you choose to buy SEO services with us you will be in safe hands.


Search Engine Marketing – How to Get Hundreds of Clicks to Your Website and Dramatically Increase Your Profits

SEO works around keywords.  Keywords are the phrases that people type into the search engines when they are looking for your product of service.  

Search Engine OptimizationSo if you have a keyword that has hundreds or even thousands of searches every month, and you are ranking on page 1 of Google, you will get a percentage of clicks depending on where your site is on the page.  

Imagine then you choose a keyword, for instance, ‘Plumbers in London’ and discover there are 720 searches a month for this term.  Using the percentages shown in the blue box to the right, these are the results you would likely get if you ranked on page 1 of Google for the top 3 positions (rounded down):

Position 1 – 234 clicks per month

Position 2 – 126 clicks per month

Position 3 – 82 clicks per month


What could that mean for your business?  

Let’s say you are in Position 1 and getting 234 clicks a month as a plumber in London.  

We will assume a very conservative conversion rate (i.e. clicks that turn into actual business) of 10% of the people clicking through to your site i.e. 23 people.  

As a plumber in London let’s say your average order value may be £250.  

Let’s calculate that:  23 people converted x £250 average order value = £5,750.  

Not bad for an investment of £84 per month, which is all it costs to invest in our core SEO product.  

However it gets even better!  We work with five of your keywords, not just one.  

Now you can see the potential here is a breakdown of what we can do for you.


Buy SEO ServicesOur 3 Step Small Business SEO Process

Some people make SEO more complicated than it actually is but we choose to simplify our small business SEO with a proven formula and strategy focusing on what we know are the most important areas to get you results.


Step 1: Your Keywords

  • You give us your 5 top search terms (keywords) that you would like to rank for 
  • We let you know how long it will take to rank you for each keyword and send you a payment link (scroll down this page for a general guide on impact time-frames for keywords)
  • You make a payment using PayPal (fast, simple and offers you full buyer control of payments)

Step 2: Website Assessment

  • We make sure your site is search friendly
  • We assess and optimize your site for your chosen search terms and make any relevant changes to your site (these are behind the scenes and will not impact your site visually)

Step 3: Search Engines and Links

  • We submit your site to every search engine in the world
  • We build relevant inbound links (backlinks) to your site at a Google friendly, steady rate

It’s as easy as 1,2, 3!


How Long Will It Take For Your Site to Rank On the Search Engines?  

This will depend on the keywords you choose.  It is better to have longer keywords (known as ‘long tail keywords’) as you will face less competition for these and they will also bring you a more targeted audience:

Here are some examples:  

Plumber Services:  Impact 6-12 months – two word phrases are moderately competitive search terms.

Find Plumber Services:  Impact 3-6 months – three word phrases are less competitive to get high search engine ranking on.

Plumber Services in London:  Impact 1-4  months – four word phrase and geographical phrases can achieve very good results more quickly.


Want to Get Started?

Small Business SEO Services

Step 1:  If you would like our core SEO product as described above there is a monthly recurring cost of £84.00 – this is for 5 keywords which you supply to us (if you need some help choosing these, just shout!)

Step 2:  Managed Website On Page Changes – this is where we get your website ready to make sure the ‘on-page’ elements (stuff in your website) are ready for our ‘off-page’ (stuff we are doing outside of your website) SEO activities.  By making some simple changes to your site we will ensure you are set up for success:  £96.00 one off fee

Step 3:  We get on with our part of the bargain!  


Optional Extras:

We also offer a rapid backlink service/  Although this is not neccessary to get the results mentioned above, it will boost your results if you choose to utilise it as a service.


How do Rapid Banklinks work? 

We have link partners with high Google page rankings which complement our core SEO product.  When you get links back to your site from other sites which are recognised by Google as having a high page rank this is great for your site.

Just to reassure you, this is 100% white hat as your links will only be placed if the link partner feels it is relevant to their users.  

Although our core SEO product is extremely powerful, this add on product will speed up your ranking process.  If you were interested in this as an add-on product the costs would be:  

£72.00 per month for 10 high page rank maintained links

£120.00 per month for 25 high page rank maintained links

£192.00 per month for 50 high page rank maintained links  


SEO No Contract GuaranteeSo what are you waiting for?  We have a great track record with our clients. Every client we serve stays with us because of the results they get.  It is for this reason we can guarantee that there will never be monthly contracts here at Biz4Web. We just don’t need them!  If you would like to give it go then please email or call us on the number above and we will get you started!




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