Debbie Buckley 2 199x300Hi, thanks for visiting the site.  My name is Debbie Buckley, I specialise in small business SEO and run a digital marketing agency based in Kent. I work with businesses locally and throughout the UK.  

I have a passion for internet marketing, the online world and what it can do for our businesses.  The reason I specialise in small business SEO services is because I have found a lot of small businesses have lovely websites but are not getting the traffic they need in order to generate any business from them.  

Does that sound like you?

I have also found that small business SEO services are often shrouded in mystery.  I remember hearing a fabulous line at a local networking event I attended once, where a guy stood up and said he did not ‘mystify for margin’. Unfortunately this can happen in search engine marketing services which is why:

I don’t ‘mystify for margin’ either!

…. and I keep my prices very affordable.  

Affordable SEO 300x199So, I am very friendly, approachable and would love to help you generate more leads and profits for your business by generating more traffic to your site.  After all, I am a small business too!  If you would like to get in touch for a free consultation then please get in touch and I will give you a call, drop you an email or jump on Skype with you.  Just let me know which type of contact you prefer.  


Here is a handy list of the services I offer:





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